Zephaniah Lott (about 1774-before 1831)
Very little is known about this Zephaniah Lott, except that he is listed in the 1800 and 1810 Census of Luzerne County [as Zephaniah "Jr."].  What information is known comes through records in possession of Harris family members, descendants of Zephaniah's daughter Deborah.
Zephaniah married Rachel Brown sometime between 1790 and 1799.  She was born in Connecticut about 1781.  Their first child, Deborah, is listed as their only child in the 1800 Census, and all facts seem to indicate that what is known about this family is correct.
Zephaniah must have died between 1814 and 1831.  At this latter date the family (Rachel, John F., and William H. Harrison) are in Licking County, Ohio.  William H. Harrison was apprenticed from an [Orphan's Court] in 183__.  According to the 1850 Census of Licking County, Rachel is living with her son John.  Her age was given as 69.
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Census Records
1800 U.S. Federal Census, Braintrim, Luzerne, PA 1800 http://www.lottfamilyhistory.org/1800_US_Federal_Census_PA_Luzerne_Braintrim_Lott_Zephaniah_Jr.jpg  
1810 U.S. Federal Census, Braintrim, Luzerne, PA 1810 http://www.lottfamilyhistory.org/1810_US_Federal_Census_PA_Luzerne_Braintrim_Lott_Zephaniah_Jr.jpg  
Rachel Brown (about 1781-after 1850)
Deborah Lott (1799-1825)
Lucy Lott (1804-1865)
Rebecca Lott (dates unknown)
Allen Lott (1807-unknown)
John F. Lott (1811-1896)
William H. Harrison Lott (about 1814-1870)
Leonard Lott (about 1743-1812)
Letitia Flandereau (about 1745-unknown)
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